In Memory of Richard P. Alvarez, my long-time brother-in-arms, swordsman, horseman, poet, story-teller, teacher, fellow-romantic, and knight-errant.


Richard P. Alvarez, Maitre d'Armes, Master of Horse

Another “renaissance man,”  Maitre Alvarez was an accomplished photographer, film-maker, actor, novelist, screenwriter, and fight choreographer.  He specialized in mounted combat, and ancient weapons, training actors and horses to perform in the jousting shows at medieval-themed events across the country. He has also been a judge and emcee at international jousting tournaments such as Lysts on the Lake in Austin, Texas.  

He studied with such reknown fencing masters as Jean-Jaques Gillet, Claude Caux, Michel Sebastiani, and Robert Heddle-Roboth.