Dangerous work.  
No pay.  
Immediate openings.  
Many positions available. 

We seem to be running very low on heroes.
That's why we're not in the business of producing "fencing champions," self-centered gamesters whose goal is self- aggrandizement through winning sport "fencing" competitions, and racking up a collection of trophies and trinkets. The honor in accolades , after all, is not in possessing them, but in deserving them.

We prefer to help you to cultivate your individual capacity for moral reasoning and moral courage -- things which are an inextricable element of swordmastery. We want you to sally forth into the world to fight giants, and slay dragons.

The sword is merely the key we use to help you unlock the hero in your heart.


  • Have a magic ring.   
  • Pilot a gigantic robot.   
  • Get bitten by a radioactive spider.   
  • Be exposed to gamma rays.   
  • Be immortal.   
  • Carry a magic sword.   
  • Be exposed to radioactive waste.   
  • Be able to turn invisible. 

Chivalry: The Moral Compass of the Ideal Knight-errant

Our ethical code, which we refer to as "modern chivalry," has four foundational principles: excellence, truthfulness, loyalty and benevolence.  

Excellence is the commitment to doing every task you undertake, whether grand or menial, conscientiously and to the very best of your ability.  

Truthfulness means not being a party to any untruth, whether by commission, omission or obfuscation. Further, you accept the positive duty to ensure that the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, be known and understood.  

Loyalty means unswerving faithfulness to whatever it is you pledge your loyalty to. It means always keeping your word and never breaking a promise no matter what the circumstances may be.  You say what you mean and you mean what you say.

Benevolence means the determination to do good, not just when it benefits you, or is, at least, not inconvenient, but rather by going out into the world and seeking out opportunities to do good no matter how great the personal risk or cost to you.

To become adept at the techniques of the sword will take you many hours, months and years of dedicated, loving practice.

To live the spirit of the sword is something you can do well starting from your very first day in the salle d'armes -- if you choose to do so.